"nurturing children in to beautiful butterflies"






Depending on the child’s individual needs and stage of development, I will provide opportunities for :

  • Make believe/imaginative play, i.e. a ‘home corner’, puppets and dressing up clothes,

  • Small world toys

  • Cooking and practical activities,

  • Objects of sorting and threading,

  • Puzzles – different types and difficulties depending on age,

  • Drawing and painting – use of crayons, pencils, pens,

  • Modelling, junk modelling – playdough and models made from household waste items,

  • Books – I have a wide range of books, from card books to paperbacks for young readers.  They are available to the children throughout the day to enjoy on their own but I will also read to the children daily,

  • Videos/DVD’s – I would liaise with the parents. Can the children watch a limited amount, which are educational based,

  • Construction items –  wooden blocks, various types of Lego, depending on child development,

  • Outdoor play – static climbing frames, balls, and many items for outdoor use.

  • Pre-school playgroups and outings to say, feed the ducks or visit the park/playground.

All of the facilities and equipment are readily accessible to the children.

I will provide different activities to suit the age and development of the individual children.



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